One happy cricket fan!

I wanted to write about something else this time in my blog post (my spiritual side, about my books that I am reading right now etc). I’ll reserve those topics for later.

However, for this post, I decided to write something about cricket! Now, I am not a sports fanatic, nor I call myself an expert of any sorts about writing anything about the game. I am just another regular fan for the Indian cricket team of the million other cricket fans in the world. If you read about me in my ‘About Me‘ section, you’ll find out that I’ve lived in 4 countries until now and I am a kiwi, and my heart belongs to India.

Let me tell you something about India and the people there in 1 sentence – A nation with a population of a billion people who are crazy about Bollywood and cricket, and a nation that is truly multi-cultural.

I have never been much of a sports person. While growing up however, I have seen soccer world cup matches sometimes, the Wimbledon, Olympics, and cricket on TV with my Dad. While living in New Zealand, I became an addict to rugby, and a big fan of the All Blacks! (Oh btw, Rugby world cup is coming up in 2011, so if you happen to be in Australia or New Zealand, please go watch the games!). More than the fun for the game it was just about sitting down with the family in front of the TV, and cheering for your favorite team.

While watching cricket, my Mom sometimes used to say, “Maybe I should stand up, and watch the game, maybe that’ll help the team to score”. My Dad, ” Maybe I should go out for a walk for 5 min and comeback inside. Maybe that’ll make a difference!” Some matches could be nerve-wracking. Ha, those were the days, when I watched cricket with my parents and sister!

Why is cricket so precious to India? Many other European/Australasian nations also play cricket. Cricket however is by far the only team sport India encourages. The only team sport (at large) which the country associates with. Most kids who like cricket, back in India, dream of becoming, the next ‘Sachin Tendulkar“, who is really a God to the Indian cricket, and is truly gifted!
Today, the Indian cricket team has defeated our neighboring country, Pakistan in the world cup 2011 semi-final match, securing a place in the finals against Sri Lanka. Really proud – For the millions of fans worldwide who care only about cricket, for the team India (the men in blue) and most importantly – for Sachin Tendulkar, who was never on the winning side, despite being the most successful batsmen in the history of cricket.

Two countries I associate myself deeply with, New Zealand and India have made me proud, New Zealand entered the semi-final and lost against Sri Lanka, while India is now in finals.

The finals will be played in Mumbai (the town I was born in) on 2nd April, Saturday. Despite all the shortcomings of this nation, or the people there, despite the nation not really encouraging any other sport other than cricket, I think this one time, we must be all proud, that India has at least secured a place in the finals! Now it’s just not all that talk, but time for some action. However, it really doesn’t matter how the team performs, it really doesn’t matter if Sachin scores a 100 or not, all it matters is that India (a cricket crazy nation) is now in the finals and they put up a good fight. For this, I’m one happy cricket fan.


About Bigdreamer

I am a mom, an engineer and a life long learner. I love learning and trying something new always - cooking, a new personal style, pursue a new hobby, photographing everyday objects to find beauty in them, blogging when I can and volunteering for causes I care about. Spirituality is a state of being for me.
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