An open letter to the mighty spring gods!

“Dear Spring God,

You look beautiful in all your wonderful glory and sunshine you bring along with you. I love the first sign of spring I see with the arrival of small buds on the plants in our garden. I love the fact that I don’t have to wear multiple layers from here on for a few months. You bring in happiness and laughter on people’s faces must I say, from the depressing winter that lasts for months. With your arrival, the days start to get longer, which I love. When I get to work in the morning there is daylight, and I come home, there’s still daylight!

You are somewhere in between the cold and the hot summer days, with a slight breeze and hence appreciated by all, maybe better than your counterpart – Fall, after which winter follows. With your arrival it’s time to walk in the parks, ride our bikes, go shopping and pick out bright spring clothes and do a lot of other fun outdoor stuff. Everyone loves you, I love you too to some extent! You know that! However, have you taken our love for granted?

The pollen problem you bring along with you – IS NOT WELCOME! Do you hear me, oh spring lord, I do not appreciate the pollen, and any other allergies you bring along with you! You decided of your own to come early than schedule in the South. You did not care about the other allergy sufferers, when on the other hand, we look forward to your visit. This has now become a one sided relationship. Hence please do me a favor, go away soon, and bring in your cousin, ‘summer’ soon! It doesn’t matter if summer is too hot, or causes sun burns atleast it seems to care about us, by not throwing pollen with it all over the place.

Yours truly,

One allergy sufferer!”


About Bigdreamer

I am a mom, an engineer and a life long learner. I love learning and trying something new always - cooking, a new personal style, pursue a new hobby, photographing everyday objects to find beauty in them, blogging when I can and volunteering for causes I care about. Spirituality is a state of being for me.
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