I Love you Dad!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I know I have broken my promise of writing something every week (Promise I made to myself). There had been things I was busy with the past few weeks personally and never just got the time to actually sit down to write a meaningful post. Anyhow, I now plan on being on track again and will try my best again to write something meaningful and that I have an interest in every now and then.

This weekend is Father’s day (June 19th) and most of us must have gotten something for our Dad, or will call and talk to him. When I logged into my Google chat this morning, there was a message under the chat tab – ‘Reminder, Call Dad’! Wherever you go shopping from the past 2 weeks before this day, you’ll find places that offer sales and something to giftyour Dad, be it a perfume, watch, clothes, shoes etc. However buying something for your Dad to wish him ‘Happy Father’s day‘ isn’t really that easy especially when he already has most of the those things typically. As Google chat reminds us even, ‘a simple phone call’ will do most of the times, the thought that you remembered him and called matters the most.

My Dad, I suppose like most men isn’t very expressive when it comes to words. He sometimes just calls me and starts talking about electronics, or some new product out there, or something even scientific. He is so passionate about learning and knowledge that he tells us, he could even do a PhD at this age if time permits! I have always wondered how does he know so much about sports, be it soccer, tennis or cricket, or even golf (going backwards to the past few world cups) though he really doesn’t play most of these sports and has never really been a ‘tough sportsman’!

I remember distinctly living in our apartment in Mumbai sometimes in the late 90′s, staying up overnight (due to the time difference) watching the soccer world cups with my Dad. On the other hand, cooking; however was never really his thing. He still cooks good Tomato dhal, sometimes better than what my Mom makes 🙂 And he can dance too, though that’s more like shaking a leg and hands! His jokes (in Hindi we call them PJ’s – Pakau jokes; meaning silly jokes) never make us really laugh, but he still comes up with a new joke every time we meet him and we do look forward to hearing them as well.

From childhood, the one most important thing my Dad has taught me, is being independent and standing up for yourself. Right through helping me and my sister with studies from school days to giving us career advice during high school and university days, he has always been actively involved in every important aspect of our lives. We are a close knit family. Me and my sister know; family is everything for my parents. I know; me and my sister mean the world to my Dad, though he never expresses it directly.They have moved cities, and countries to be closer to me and my sister.

I miss my Dad. He’s only a 2 hour flight away from me. Living in the US, I have gotten used to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, which are an occasion to spend time with family. I make it a point to visit my parents during that time along with a couple of other times during the year whenever I can. Somedays I miss my parents so much however, that I just feel like leaving everything behind, taking the next flight and just going to their place and spending time with them. Most importantly, Dad; if I’ve never told you enough number of times; – “I LOVE YOU, DAD“!


About Bigdreamer

I am a mom, an engineer and a life long learner. I love learning and trying something new always - cooking, a new personal style, pursue a new hobby, photographing everyday objects to find beauty in them, blogging when I can and volunteering for causes I care about. Spirituality is a state of being for me.
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