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I am a mom, an engineer and a life long learner. I love learning and trying something new always - cooking, a new personal style, pursue a new hobby, photographing everyday objects to find beauty in them, blogging when I can and volunteering for causes I care about. Spirituality is a state of being for me.

A new experience 

Dear Life –  I have to admit, You are good to me these days. Sometimes too good to be true. Smiles with my kid, new friendships it’s all good. Other days it’s about okay. Can’t complain! The wind has settled … Continue reading

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5 ways motherhood changed me – For better or worse

My son is my best friend right now. Literally. Now that he talks so much more, he feels more human 🙂 Motherhood definitely changes all of us in so many ways. For me, the changes were quite big mainly because … Continue reading

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Random ramblings on life, relationships and celebrations….

I am approaching my divorce anniversary, very soon. I have mixed feelings about it. A part of me tells me I should celebrate freedom, celebrate independence, the fact that I am raising my toddler single handedly and providing for him regardless … Continue reading

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Paneer bread pakoda

Paneer bread pakoda – Super easy to make and a good healthy snack for kids. I used crumbled pieces of Paneer (you do not need to fry them) and some boiled potatoes as the stuffing mix. Ingredients – (makes 6) … Continue reading

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Naan flat bread pizza

Naan flatbread pizza – I have gotten into the habit of making home made pizzas now. I do not order pizzas from the store anymore except for very rare occasions. You can either buy a flatbread from any grocery store … Continue reading

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Baked eggplant bites

  Baked eggplant Parmesan bites   Ingredients – Cooked eggplant – about 2 big eggplants fried and fully cooked Parmesan cheese for sprinkling Rice flour – 1/2 cup Spinach – finely chopped 1 egg bread crumbs Method –  1. Make … Continue reading

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Brussels sprouts and spinach stir fry

      A very easy to make spinach and Brussels sprouts stir fry mix. Ingredients: 10 fresh Brussels sprouts – finely chopped black beans canned – washed and drained spinach handful – finely chopped onions – finely chopped Nuts … Continue reading

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The truth about compatibility and personality tests

I was sitting in the counselor’s office with my ex-husband about a year and a half ago with a long list complied where I wanted both of us to sit down and discuss with the counselor. I was determined to … Continue reading

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When a baby is born, so is a mother

2011 started for me very slow. I passed a certification exam in 2010, a goal that I had set for myself in 2009. 2011 started, and I began blogging, and also wanted to blog weekly. After a couple of months, … Continue reading

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Stereotyping and Indian parents

So my boss came up to me and suggested an ice breaker topic – “Try talking to him first about basketball. It’s march madness month and you know which teams he is rooting for and all, so try that as … Continue reading

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